College List

  1. Acharya Institute, Karnataka
  2. Ajay Binay Ins. of Technology, Orissa
  3. Aligarh College of Engg
  4. Alwar Ins. of Engg
  5. Anand Engg College, UP
  6. Ansal Ins. of Technology, Haryana
  7. Anupama College of Engg, Haryana
  8. Applied College of Engg, Haryana
  9. Arya College of Engg.
  10. Aryan Ins. of Technology, UP
  11. Avanthi Ins. of Engineering
  12. AVS College of Engineering, Tamilnadu
  13. Azad Institute of Engg
  14. Babu Banarsi Das Institute of Technology, UP
  15. Bansal College of Engg , MP
  16. Bansal Institute of Science
  17. Bhabha Engg Research Institute MP
  18. Bhabha Institute of Technology MP
  19. Bhabha Institute of Technology UP
  20. Bharat Institute of Technology, UP
  21. Bharat University, Tamilnadu
  22. Bhopal Institute of Technology
  23. Bhopal Institute of Technology Mp
  24. bhubaneswar Engg College, Orissa
  25. Birla Devi group of Institutions, UP
  26. BLS, Ghaziabad (UP)
  27. BM College
  28. BM College of Engg, MP
  29. BMS college of Engg, Karnataka
  30. BMT, Haryana
  31. BRCM College of Engg
  32. Brilliant Group of Technology Institute, AP
  33. Cambridge Institute of Technology, Jharkhand
  34. CDRZ Polytechnic Punjab
  35. CEM College of Engg, Haryana
  36. Chaitanya Bharati Institute
  37. Chatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology Chhattisgarh
  38. Choudhary Biri Singh College of Engg, UP
  39. City Engg College, Karnataka
  40. CMR College of Engg, AP
  41. College of Engineering, Orissa
  42. CT Institute of Engg
  43. CV Raman college of Engg, Orissa
  44. Deewan Institute of Technology, UP
  45. Delhi Institute of Technology
  46. Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology, UP
  47. Disha Institute of Management
  48. DJ College of Engg
  49. DNS Colleges of Engg, UP
  50. Dr. KN Modi Institute of Engg
  51. Dronacharya College of Engg, Haryana
  52. East West Institute of Technology, Karnakata
  53. Eshan College of Engg., UP
  54. Future Institute of Engg
  55. Galaxy Global Group of Institute, UP
  56. Gandhi Engg College Orissa
  57. GLA Institute of Technology, UP
  58. Global Ins. of Engg
  59. Globas Engg College, MP
  60. Gurgaon Group of Institutions, Haryana
  61. Gurgaon Institute of Technology
  62. Guru Nanak Engg College, Punjab
  63. Gurukul Ins. of Engg
  64. Gwalior Institute of Technology, MP
  65. Gyan Bharti Institute of Technology UP
  66. Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology Management, MP
  67. Hardayal Technical Campus, UP
  68. Haryana College of Technology
  69. Hi-Tech Institute of Engg
  70. Hindustan Institute of Technology, UP
  71. HR Institute of Technology, UP
  72. Ideal Institute of Technology, UP
  73. IMS Engg College , UP
  74. Institute of Technology
  75. JN College of Engineering, MP
  76. K.P. College of Engg, UP
  77. Kali Charan Nigam Institute
  78. Kanpur Institute of Technology, UP
  79. Karnal Institute of Technology, Haryana
  80. Kautilya Insitute of Engg
  81. KC College of Engg
  82. KNS Institute of Technology, Karnataka
  83. Krishna Engg College, UP
  84. Krupajala Engg College, Orrisa
  85. Lord Krishna College of Engg, UP
  86. Lords Institute of Engg
  87. Lovely Proffessional University, Punjab
  88. Lucknow Institute of Technology, UP
  89. Ludhiana College of Engg
  90. Maa Sharda Institute of Polytechnic, Haryana
  91. Maharaja Institute
  92. Maharana Pratap Group of Institute University, UP
  93. Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engg
  94. Mahavir Institute of Engg
  95. Malwa Institute of Technology, MP
  96. Manav Rachna College of Engg, Haryana
  97. Meerut Institute of Engg
  98. Millenium Institute of Engg
  99. Modi Institute of Technology, Rajasthan
  100. MS Ramaiah Institute if Technology, Karnataka
  101. MVJ Engg College, Karnataka
  102. MVN Institute of Engg
  103. Nagarjuna College of Engg
  104. Nalanda Institute of Technology Orissa
  105. National Institute of Science
  106. NC College of Engg, Haryana
  107. Neelam College of Engg, UP
  108. New Horizon Engg College, Karnataka
  109. NIMS University, Rajasthan
  110. Om Sai Institute of Tech UP
  111. Oriental College of Engg, MP
  112. Orissa Engg. College, Nijigarh Kurki, Orisa
  113. Patel College of Science
  114. Patna sahib Group of College, Bihar
  115. PK Institute of Techniology
  116. PM College Engg
  117. Priyadarshini College of Computer Science, UP
  118. Priyadarshini College of Engg, Maharastra
  119. Punjab College of Engg
  120. Purnima College of Engg, Rajasthan
  121. Radha Govind College of Engg, UP
  122. Radha Raman Group, MP
  123. Raipur Institute of Tech, Chhattisgarh
  124. Rajarajeshwari Group of Institution, Karnataka
  125. Rajashri Shahu College of Engg, Maharastra
  126. Rajasthan Institute of Engg
  127. Rajasthan Institute of Engg, Rajasthan
  128. Rajdhani Engg College, Orissa
  129. Rajdhani Institute of Tech. Rajasthan
  130. Rama Group of Institutions, UP
  131. Ratan College of Engg, Haryana
  132. RB Institute of Technology, UP
  133. Regional Engg College, Rajasthan
  134. RIMT Institute of Engg
  135. Roorkee Institute of Technology, Uttarakhand
  136. Royal Institute of Engg
  137. RR Institute of Technology, Karnataka
  138. Rungta College of Engineering, Chattishgarh
  139. Rural Engg College, Karnataka
  140. Sachdeva Institute of Technology, UP
  141. Sagar Group, MP
  142. Sagar Institute of Technology, MP
  143. Sanghvi Institute of Management
  144. Sarswati Institute of Technology, UP
  145. Satya College of Engg, Haryana
  146. Satya of Engg, College, Haryana
  147. Satyabhama University, Tamilnadu
  148. Savita University, Tamilnadu
  149. Scope College of Engg
  150. SGIT, UP
  151. Sharda University, UP
  152. Shirdi Sai Engg College, Karnataka
  153. Shiv Kumar Singh Institute of Technology, MP
  154. Shiv Shankar Ins. of Engineering
  155. Shiv Shankar Institute of Engg
  156. Shobhit University, UP
  157. Shri Ganesh Group of Institutions, Punjab
  158. Shri Ram Institute of Technology, MP
  159. Shri Venkateshwar Institute of Technology, MP
  160. Shrinathji Institute of Tech
  161. Sinddhant College of Engg, Maharastra
  162. Sobhasaria Engg College, Rajasthan
  163. Sonipath Institute of Tech., Haryana
  164. Sri Balaji College of Engg
  165. Sri Bankey Bihari Group of Institute, UP
  166. Sri Satya Sai Institute on Science
  167. SRM University, Tamilnadu
  168. Stani Memorial College of Engg, Rajasthan
  169. Sundardeep Engg College UP
  170. Swami Vivekanand College of Engg, MP
  171. Takshila Institute of Technology, MP
  172. UMT College if Engg., UP
  173. United College of Engg
  174. Universal Group of Institutions, Punjab
  175. Vanshal Group, MP
  176. Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamilnadu
  177. Venketshwara Group of Institution, UP
  178. Viveka Nand Institute of Technology
  179. ZH College of Engg, UP

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